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Player Kit Requirements for 2023/24 Season

A player must have a new sponsor logo shirt (minimum) from this store before being able to play matches in the 2023/24 season 

(no old kits to be worn). There are short and long sleeve options to choose from.

Shirts will automatically come printed with club logo and sponsor logo. If you are wanting a number added to the back, this should be agreed with your team manager in advance (as they will be managing squad numbers).

Shorts are plain black and socks are plain green. You can purchase these from an alternative source if you prefer, but shorts should be plain (no stripes) and socks should closely match the same green as the shirt.

Westwood Park FC Kit can be purchased from on the link above. Players kit is not included in the annual subscription prices so needs to be purchased. The cheapest way to do this is via a "Bulk Order" at the start of the season as it saves on the postage charge. Please contact your head coach/team manager to be part of this process.


You are also able to order individual items using the shop at any time.

You should place an individual order either where you miss the team's "Bulk Order" deadline, if your child starts after the bulk order deadline or as and when when your child needs new kit mid season.


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