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Child Welfare

At Westwood Park FC, child welfare is a priority and we take our safeguarding responsibilities seriously. We follow the FA guidelines on respect and safeguarding.
Our primary concern with every action we take is that our children have fun, feel safe and enjoy learning to play football.  Whilst we make every effort to ensure a safe environment we do require that every child has a responsible parent/carer at training or matches for age groups up until U13 (year 9).  If someone other than the registered parent/carer (on the membership form) is taking care of your child on a specific day, please ensure that the coach knows who this is and has their name and mobile number.

Our coaches are all obliged to complete their safeguarding children course and all parents/carers are encouraged to do the same. 

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Westwood Park FC

Safeguarding Children Policy

Spectators & Parents/Carers

Code of Conduct

Coaches, Team Managers and Officials Code of Conduct

Players Code of Conduct

How to Ask an Adult for Help

Anti-Bullying Policy

Equality Policy

Staying Safe in the Digital World

FA Heading Guidelines



We encourage all members with any concerns to first contact the club's Child Welfare Officer but if a child or young person is in immediate danger then ALWAYS call 999.

Whistle-blowing can be used as an early warning system or when it’s recognised that appropriate actions have not been taken. This approach or policy is adopted in many different walks of life.

It is about revealing and raising concerns over misconduct or malpractice within an organisation or within an independent structure associated with it.

Any adult or young person with concerns about a colleague can also use whistle-blowing by calling 0800 169 1863 and asking for The FA's safeguarding team, or via email on

Alternatively you can go direct to the Police or Children’s Social Care and report your concerns there, or to the Child Protection in Sport Unit via or the NSPCC Helpline via 0808 800 5000 or by emailing


On the Berks & Bucks FA Safeguarding & Welfare web pages, you can find a number of other related organisations and their roles in Child Welfare.

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Contact Child Welfare Officer

Use this form to contact our Child Welfare Officers.

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